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I don’t need you turning into a bunch of fat asses in the off season. So work on that!

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What did you just say?

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when you message somebody and it says “seen” and they don’t reply



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"A little time alone will be good for me."

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The kakapo is a critically endangered species of large, flightless, nocturnal, ground-dwelling parrot of the super-family Strigopoidea endemic to New Zealand. It has finely blotched yellow-green plumage, a distinct facial disc of sensory, vibrissa-like feathers, a large grey beak, short legs, large feet, and wings and a tail of relatively short length.

The total known population is only 126 living individuals, as reported by the Kakapo Recovery programme, most of which have been given names.Because of Polynesian and European colonisation and the introduction of predators such as cats, rats, ferrets, and stoats, the kakapo was almost wiped out. Conservation efforts began in the 1890s, but they were not very successful until the implementation of the Kakapo Recovery plan in the 1980s. (x)

There are ways you can help save the kakapo population through donations, adoptions, voluteering, becoming a supporter, or buying merchadise. 

You can find more information on the endangered kakapo herehere, and here .

it should be known that this is the bird that tried to fuck David Attenborough 

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#hwat #omg

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make-up at Prada S/S 2015 at MFW


make-up at Prada S/S 2015 at MFW

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Cast video from Legend of Korra’s Panel at NYCC 2014

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